Spring has arrived on the farm

The 2017 maple season is over and overall it was a good season with just over 5000 gallons of sap collected. Spring seems to have arrived suddenly and life is a bit hectic around the farm these days with clean up from sugaring season, firewood cutting, seedling planting etc all happening simultaneously. We also recently inoculated some red oak logs with Shiitake mushroom spores so that we can harvest our own, organically grown mushrooms. We will be holding a mushroom log workshop here on the farm on May 13th (more details to follow). We hope this finds everyone well and many thanks to all our family, friends and visitors who made this past sugaring season a success.

Maple Season Update...

This maple season has been one to remember. With January temperatures will above normal we tapped far earlier than we ever have before. By the end of February we had made as much syrup as we had all of last season (thanks in part to the new tubing system we installed this past fall). However, old man winter has decided to come back in earnest will very little syrup made for the month of March due to below average temps. We had good sap run today and expect a good run for the next couple days before plunging back below freezing. We should have plenty of sap to boil this coming weekend as Maine celebrates its annual maple weekend (March 25th and 26th). We will be open 10am-4pm both days and hope to see you then!


Fully tapping out

Weather forecast for the foreseeable future looks perfect for sugaring and we are in the process of fully tapping out for the season. As of today we have 346 taps out and are hoping to finish in the next day or so. Hoping for first open house of the season the first weekend of March...stay tuned for more details!

2017 maple season is here!

Every year around this time Jen and I start deliberating "is it time to tap yet?" and this year has been no different. The sugaring season starts when temperatures rise to the upper 30s and above during the day but drops below freezing at night. The season ends when nighttime temperatures no longer drop below freezing. Traditionally the maple season usually starts around the 3rd week of February but mother nature has the final say and temperatures are perfect for sugaring now. It is too early to put our buckets out as the tap holes will close up sooner than those on our vacuum tubing system. We hope for our first boil of the season in the next few days depending on how the sap runs. Stay tuned for more updates as we see how this earlier-than-usual season progresses. 

Dinner Circa 1790...

Over the last few weeks we have been trying out several different recipes that date from the late 1700s through the mid 1800s as we prepare for the start of our on farm hearth cooking workshops. Tonight's dinner is courtesy of Abigail Adams (wife of our second president John Adams) and features corn chowder, skillet cranberries in sugar and rum, orange cake and hot buttered rum (apple cider heated in the hearth with rum, butter and nutmeg).