Maple Moon Farm Production

Our farming philosophy is to utilize organic and sustainable farming practices whenever possible



We have roughly 300 highbush blueberry plants on our farm. We maintain the health of our bushes by using locally produced compost and mulch and do not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Blueberries are generally available July through September and can be harvested on farm during selected pick-your-own dates (see events), or purchased at the local farmer's market we attend (see where to find us) .


We keep several hives of honey bees here at the farm for the purposes of pollinating the fruits and vegetables we grow, and for the production of honey and beeswax products that are available for purchase. In addition, we feel strongly about educating others about the crucial role honey bees play in our daily lives and the challenges they are currently facing. 



We have two dozen laying hens (all have names!) who wander the farm freely, are fed organic feed,  and produce delicious fresh eggs while providing us with endless entertainment.



Apple cider syrup was made in the time of our forefathers, before the advent of refrigeration. At that time, fresh apple cider would spoil rapidly so was quickly fermented to hard cider or concentrated into (non-alcoholic) cider syrup for preservation. Cider syrup made from fresh cider has a wonderful, concentrated apple flavor without being overly sweet. It is delicious in seltzer as a natural apple soda, as a mixer in specialty alcoholic beverages (think apple martinis!), over ice cream and yogurt, as a base for Asian sweet/sour sauce, etc.


We grow a select variety of unique heritage pumpkins (none are your standard orange pumpkins here!) without chemical sprays/fertilizers that are both decorative and delicious. Varieties typically include: Marina Di Chioggia, Valenciano, Rouge Vif D'etampes, etc. 


Marina Di Chioggia

Marina Di Chioggia

Rouge Vif D'etampes


This summer we will be harvesting German Extra Hardy and Philips varities that we planted this fall and are grown without chemical sprays/fertilizers. Stay tuned for updates on when we will be harvesting.


We make hand-turned gifts here on the farm, such as pens, bowls, wine bottle stoppers, coffee/ice cream scoops, pizza cutters, etc. from wood sourced primarily from trees harvested on this farm for forest management purposes.  Please contact us if you would like to inquire about custom work (we can make family treasures from wood sourced from your own property).